IMG_6652This blog is run by a feisty girl from Singapore called Serene who describes herself as Jessica Day meets Carrie Bradshaw meets Tyra Banks. She writes about mind-boggling body images issues that she struggles with, her experiences with her recovery from eating disorder (both past and present) & anything that strikes her fancy, from lifestyle to women’s empowerment to anything in between; whatever & whenever she wants.

The issues she writes about are close to her heart; they have helped her gain insight into the coming and goings of life & helped her become a wiser & stronger woman. She hopes her writings will also inspire others seeking some form of guidance & gradually empower themselves in their own way.

She believes her sense of humor to border on mild sarcasm, though deep down she has a very sensitive soul. Tumblr gives people an insight into the things that fascinate her. Oh, and she is the type of girl who will lick the cheese off the Doritos but not eat the chips. Just sometimes.

Find her at:

  • {twitter: @InfamousLS}
  • {IG: infamouslipstick}

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