mental health issues aren’t something to laugh at.

There is no circumstance in which one’s mental health is a laughing matter, nor is there a circumstance when people should downplay what a man or woman has to say when he/she reveals that he/she is suffering from poor body image and/or an eating disorder.

How is it funny when one is so depressed that he actually wants to end his life?

How is it funny when a woman looks at herself in the mirror then goes to cut herself because she isn’t thin like she wants to be?

How is it funny when one panics about weight gain and immediately thinking of crash-dieting?

How is it funny when one starts obsessively checking his body and doesn’t want to leave the house until he/she is thin?

How is it funny when one struggles to stop himself from cutting which results in such mental distress that he starts crying and hating himself?

I don’t speak for all men and women suffering from eating disorders but there are hundreds and thousands of men and women around the world facing terrible self esteem and terrible body image woes.  Can someone tell me if what you read above was remotely funny? How would you feel if you were to do any of those actions day in and day out? Did you know that there are hundreds and thousands of people in the world doing just that?

I don’t really know what else to say to convey the significance of this issues at hand, but its not funny to hate yourself so much that you want to die.

To all the people who think we’re self-centered narcissistic, egoistic, self-loving, attention-seeking people, think again. We may look happy on the outside, but trust me, on the inside, things are crumbling and you have no idea how hard we work to rebuild ourselves.