for those in recovery…


After last night’s journey to understand how to reach someone in the throes of anorexia, and how to answer the “Million Dollar Question” of how to help, I’d like to now address those of you in “recovery,” as well as the loved ones of those in “recovery.”

First, for those who have been though this battle, I commend you for fighting and winning. I hate to use the word, “winning” because with it comes so much baggage that harbors a lot of weight, yes, pun intended. Winning communicates that a) it’s a game, b) it’s something that is trivial, and that c) that if you’re in your eating disorder or have relapsed, you’re losing, or even worse – failing. Because the truth is, there will be days where, even though you’re in recovery, you can still slip. You can have a day where you let the mirror get the best…

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One thought on “for those in recovery…

  1. thank you so much for sharing my article:) I appreciate it:) I hope that it can bring help or hope to anyone who comes across it. Love your blog, dear. Stay strong, beautiful warrior.

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