I’ve been under weather the past week, thanks to the insanely bipolar weather that Singapore is going through. Seriously, I’ve no clue what kabooz Mother Nature is unleashing upon humanity but it’d be great if she could stop because my flu is not getting any better. Strangely, it comes every alternate day. Curiouser and curiouser.



I’m going abroad next week! WHEEEE. It isn’t exactly the post-graduation trip I had in my mind but given my lack of funds to embark on a 3 month journey round the world, this 1 week vacation will have to suffice. And no I’m not going to the U.S, and I don’t think I ever want to go back to the U.S again to be honest, even if its for work. I want to go to other places and soak in other cultures. Jordan, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Scotland, Croatia, Romania, Venezuela, Hungary, Iran.

I’ve been asked, twice, whether my boyfriend will be accompanying me and the answer is  no because since when must a girl’s boyfriend accompany her on a getaway?! The decision to go on this 1 week getaway was incredibly spontaneous. I was just lying on my bed, and reassessing the things that have happened, and were happening in my life then. 2014 was a year of so many changes and I’ve really put in my own fights and tears. I’m tired, I realized. I need a goddamn break. So much has happened and I need to get away from this stifling place and just recharge and come back (hopefully) with fresh perspectives. So with the enthusiasm of a droid, I just got out of bed, went to the living room and was all “Ma I’m going on a holiday”. I was actually expecting her to just say okay and I really wasn’t expecting to have to defend my decision on the very spot. 

Why are you going to Japan? Why must you go to Japan? Are you going alone? Who are you going with? Where are you staying? Do you even need to go to Japan? Can’t you stay and clean out your bookshelf for me like I want you to because there are so many books? How long are you going there? Don’t tell me you’re going alone its not safe for girls to travel along anyway. 

God. Asian parents. Or rather, MY Asian parents. Well, technically my overprotective Eurasian mother. Her fears stem from the fact that she’s never really actually traveled by her lonesome and so she thinks girls traveling alone is a call for death.I didn’t want to bring up the fact that I’ve traveled to New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C & Toronto by myself and I turned out fine. Well I could have run into trouble but I didn’t. 

Anyway I’m going. I can’t wait to just put things behind for a week and immerse myself in a new city, get lost, meet up with my friend & take in gorgeous scenery and recharge. Plus, I’d like to end off this section by expressing my gratitude to my parents for letting me go on this trip because I know without them, this poor broke college college kid wouldn’t have had the funds to go. So. Thanks ma and pop. I appreciate it I really do.



Post-graduation trip aside, I’ve my life to figure out. Sometmes I’m plagued with self-doubt with regards to my decision about not continuing to pursue higher education after my Bachelor’s just yet and working for a year first instead. Strange how I was so firm and unbending when I decided to abandon my initial plans of completing my Masters’ immediately after graduation, but I didn’t bank on the unexpected twist of events that I would experience in 2014 that actually made me realize how fucking tired I am of studying, and why I actually wanted to do a Masters in the first place. I don’t know what I want to do with my life yet, and the reason I wanted to pursue a Masters’ was because I was just following what my mother told me is the right thing to do. I don’t want to just study all the damn time people I want to travel the world and see new things and discover myself and other cultures. So the application period of graduate programs came up, I ignored it, of which I found so easy.

But now that I’m actually graduating, I don’t know what to do. What work will I do for a year? I’ve been looking, but nothing appeals to me, and the fact that I’ve been unable too find anything so far sometimes makes me wonder whether it would have been easier to just do a Masters straightaway and fudge everything. But no. I won’t do it. I won’t. I’m going to work for a year, earn my keep and bid Singapore goodbye as I travel to Europe for my well earned break. Self-discovery doesn’t seem to occur while you’re studying in school does it? Plus, t don’t want to ask my parents for money to fund my Europe escapade  because they’d tell me to stuff it. Travel grants and donations are out the question as in Singapore, you’ll get laughed at if you ask people to donate to your “cause” of “traveling to discover who you are” and unlike other countries there aren’t any organizations that willingly fund you and give you hold competitions with $10,000 grants as prize money to go abroad, even if its for charitable work. You want to go abroad, earn your own damn money because we’re not paying for you to do that.

I take comfort in the fact that other graduates likes myself are in the same crisis mode and that its perfectly okay to try around different jobs before settling on a proper one that you can foresee yourself doing for a long time. Its all part of the self-discovery process.

I think I’ll be fine.


  • I’m currently reading Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte. The only reason I’m reading this book is because I want to see how well (or not) the movie plays up to the novel.
  • Did you know that some women crave cheese and other forms of dairy products before their period comes because they tend to release extra prostaglandins, you know, the hormones that make a woman’s uterus cramp up. I knew there’s a reason why I sometimes start craving cups of cheese and drinking milk because I don’t usually drink milk.
  • My new favorite Marvel movie franchise is the X-men series.
  • Michael Fassbender is quite possibly the sexiest man to exist on this planet (see video below for example). If there’s a clone of him out there, I’d really appreciate if if he could find me.

  • I was eating a snack while looking for another snack to eat.
  • The last academic research paper I read was about the psychology behind women’s sexual fantasies.
  • I am pro-choice but it doesn’t mean I outright and blatantly advocate abortion. It means I believe in women having choices. I shall do a post on this one day.
  • I support gay rights.
  • If it were my last day on Earth tomorrow, the last meal I would take would be a double cheeseburger with lots of cheese, cheese fries and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.
  • I didn’t like Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Not one bit.
  • I’d like to get a tattoo someday.
  • I’ve forgotten both my Tumblr password and username.


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