30 Things I Learned in 2014


  1. Many people that you meet between the ages of 18 and 22 are only temporary.
  2. A queen is still a queen without her king.
  3. Sometimes forgiveness doesn’t mean you give the other person a second chance; it means that you are choosing to move on with your life without them.
  4. The only thing that changes a person is pain.
  5. Sometimes we need to be hurt and be broken to discover how strong we can really be.
  6. If someone treats you as an option in their life, you need to just eff them. They don’t deserve you one bit.
  7. Let go of toxic people; the moment that you feel like you have to prove something to someone is when you need to walk away.
  8. Words are meaningless. Apologies are meaningless. Actions are what count.
  9. The meaning of life is to give meaning to life.
  10. If something, or someone is not meant to be in your life, it means something or someone is out there that so much much much better.
  11. Your hustle should be louder than your mouth
  12. A woman stops dreaming of being a mermaid and an adventuress when she is hurt, but then she will slowly get back up on her feet and become a little stronger and a little more wiser than she was.
  13. Plans change. When you planned at 20 will not necessarily be the same when you’re 25.
  14. To resolve the conflict between doing what you want, and doing what is right, choose the one that benefits you and brings happiness to you in the long run.
  15. You will lose people when you grow older. If you’re not losing people, you’re not growing up.
  16. Closure does not exist.
  17. Karma will come.
  18. Delayed gratification is the definition of maturity. Sometimes.
  19. Heels & red lipstick will change your mood instantly.
  20. The first cut is always the hardest, and most painful. Even if you have moved on, a reminder of it will always hurt.
  21. Life is a blessing but also a painful journey. It has its good moments but also its bad ones. Our gift is to learn the lessons, cherish the good times, let go of the bad, dust ourselves off and start again waiting for the next journey in life (given to me by my gorgeous and very wise Auntie Christine)
  22. A man is not a financial plan.
  23. Life is too short to hate your body.
  24. There is life after an eating disorder.
  25. No one has ever had to walk your journey and only you know the complexities of your circumstance. Therefore, store the advice given from others, follow your heart and do what your heart tells you. It is your life and only you know what you want.
  26. Happiness is a state of mind.
  27. Don’t let anyone younger than you tell you shit about what to do with your life.
  28. Boys with soft hands are dangerous.
  29. Nothing is really ever lost unless your mum can’t find it.
  30. Mocha is delicious.

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