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First post for the month of December! I’m listening to Christmas songs while writing this post because there’s nothing that makes me burst out in song and eat all the Christmas cookies my mum buys than festive happy Christmas music.

Anyway, December seems to be a month of campaigns on social media and so allow me to share 2 campaigns that that I recently participated in that speak volumes to me.


Organization: ALDA

What is it: ALDA represents a coalition of models with the overarching aim of showcasing beauty in all shapes and sizes. Founded by plus size models, Ashley Graham, Danielle Redman, Inga Eiriksdottir, Julie Henderson, and Marquita Pring, their original aim was to redefine what being “plus-size” means in the fashion industry. However, ALDA also strives to create an environment where fashion is broad and diverse instead of size-selective. Women are not categorized according to a number, shape or size in a bid to celebrate body diversity and instill a sense of confidence and empowerment in women of all sizes.

Purpose of Campaign: Women are asked to share what makes them feel sexy, confident and beautiful and share their stories with others to encourage acceptance of themselves.

So what makes me feel sexy, confident and beautiful?

Fabulous black dress. Wearing this particular black dress, donning my nude heels and slicking on a dash (or two) of chilli-red lipstick. I used to be incredibly terrified of experimenting with clothes because I felt that I didn’t have right figure to look good in clothes and so I desperately lacked confidence to express my style and embrace my body. I love this dress because it adds some curve and definition to my body and makes me feel more feminine. Moreover, as a strapless dress, it flaunts my shoulders which is a body part that I’m beginning to embrace more and more each day. Plus, peplums are just fab.

Nude high heels. My nude heels have the amazing ability to make me feel so empowered. With my heels, I stand and look taller, my back is more arched and my shoulders are thrown back. My overall posture improves and I feel like a tall, strong Amazonian queen with nothing to fear.

Red lippie. Finally, this outfit isn’t complete without my red lipstick. I love my red lipstick. I really do. To me, it reflects a woman who is classy, energetic, sensual, and upbeat with doesn’t give a cow’s kabootz about petty little things.

Together, they make me feel confident, passionate and definitely sexy, because seriously, a black dress + high heels + red lipstick = lethal.  It makes me realize that although I don’t have the body of Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lopez, I can still feel beautiful and amazing in my own personal way. I’ve spent many years feeling ashamed of my body and wore nothing but loose clothing to hide my physique, but now wearing something that flatters me has made me realize that I deserve to feel good about myself.

Being in this outfit makes me feel like a different person. In this outfit, I forget all my physical insecurities and my struggles with my eating. I feel like I’m in a position of influence and power and can grab the attention of anybody I want to. I feel bold, I feel empowered and I feel fierce. Think Catwoman meets Beyonce in the sky with diamonds. In this outfit, I dress to impress and intimidate. However, it also makes me respect my body more and motivates me to want to treat it better than I used to in the past. Enough with the starving, bingeing and other disordered eating patterns that I did for so long. Not only does my body deserve to be in good health, I too, deserve to feel  beautiful.

What are the things that make YOU feel sexy, confident and beautiful?



What is it: Dressember involves the use of fashion and creativity to advocate for women trapped in slavery and raise awareness about human trafficking. Throughout the month of December, female participants are encouraged to wear dresses to celebrate their femininity that they have been allowed to embrace, help raise awareness and/or funds so as to help their fellow sisters trapped in slavery to fight for their right to live free and to be no longer exploited for being female. All funds raised will go directly to International Justice Mission, which is a human rights organization that has, for the past 15 years, been involved in helping restore the lives of victims of human trafficking and put a stop to such sexual, mental and physical exploitation.

Fact: In many countries in the Middle East such as Iraq, Egypt & Afghanistan, young girls and women who live in poverty and lack access to education and financial resources are incredibly vulnerable to sex trafficking. Unscrupulous men from wealthier Gulf States with disposable cash search for young virginal girls and these girls are promised a life of economic security in exchange for marriage. These girls and their families, with no wealth and influence to negotiate, have little choice but to agree in order to provide for their family. However instead of being married to a good family, the girls are thrown into brothels and forced to provide sexual services for men. Many girls are unable to escape, and even if they do, they are shunned by society because a girl who isn’t a virgin before marriage is seen as “impure”.

Ladies, show your support to help end human trafficking by taking part in the #dressember campaign! Wear a dress every day of the month, or each time you go out, and post a photo of yourself on social media with #dressember. I wore mine today! Men can participate as well by wearing a tie each day! You can also start your own campaign page to help raise funds and invite friends and family to sponsor you! Visit: http://www.dressemberfoundation.org for more information.

We may not have the power to abolish human trafficking in its entirety, but every little action that we do that advocates women’s rights and that parallels the fight against global slavery speaks volumes to humans rights organizations and also to this trapped in slavery.


And now to end off this post with a special guest:

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Isn’t Bobby a natural?

(P.S. I was just in the middle of taking photos out of the apartment when it began raining so hard that I was forced to take these photos at home instead. Bummer.)

(P.P.S. I just squashed a beetle with an old textbook.)


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