updates: drinks, dance and desserts


So on Wednesday I lost some good sense (or not) and went to a a club and a bar with a friend because it was ladies’ night, and I might or might not have gotten buzzed. I downed a few shots with jelly in it and all I can say is thank god for the jelly because I wouldn’t have been able to down the…whatever alcohol it was, without something sweet to counter the bitter taste. The woman offered me another cup with…some alcohol in it that was topped with whipped cream and then proffered a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Apparently I was to drink the alcohol all in one shot and immediately eat the cupcake. I think I ended up sucking up more whipped cream and eating more mini cupcakes than actually drinking the alcohol. I abandoned the alcohol on the table. We went to a bar after to meet another friend and I decided to get all fancy and order a chocolate martini because it sounds like something that Carrie Bradshaw and her posse would order. Of course, there was once or twice while talking I wished the drink had more chocolate syrup in it, but whatever because my martini came in such a gorgeous martini cup(is that the word for it?) and I felt so fancy-schamcny holding it and sitting on the bar stool chatting away like “yeah people I am an adult and I am drinking a chocolate martini and I feel pretty darn good” For the record, me going to a bar and drinking is me moving out my comfort shell and trying something new. In the past during the height of my ED i would never have agreed to drink alcohol. I don’t really like to drink my calories but I figured I’d make an exception that night because I am 23 years old for god’s sake and what’s life if I can’t enjoy a night out drinking a friggin’ chocolate martini?! Its got chocolate. Anyway I came home with a pounding headache. Go figure.

I attended a Latin dance festival last weekend which was really good because (1) I got to meet my bachata dance idols, (2) I got to meet my bachata dance idols and (3) I got to meet bachata dance idols! Evidently I am obsessed with them, but if you’ve seen their routines they’re simply amazing. Just go check them out on Youtube: Ataca y la Alemana. They perform Dominican style bachata and their style is simply gorgeous. Plus, being in the Touch Bachata Team means that I actually got to be able to schmoooze with them over drinks (iced chocolate for me thanks) and dinner because they wanted to personally meet the Singapore Touch team members! AWESOME OR NOT? And of course, I got to dance with so many amazing professional dancers – and even a world salsa champion – who’ve had years and years of training and its done nothing but make me feel so incredibly happy that I picked up latin dance because there is possibly nothing in the world that makes me feel as free and happy as dance does.


Yes. Its only half a picture, but I was wearing my scandalous lingerie-like lacy cropped top with nothing underneath except my bralette. Hey, I was feeling daring that night, AND I want to look back at this picture when I’m 70 and be: at least I wore something like that once in my life. 


Got to get 1 final photo with Ataca y la Alemana (or Jorge & Tanja, as their real names are) after their workshop 😀 I think I’m known as the obsessed girl who offers them food all the time. I gave them cupcakes as a welcome gift AND chocolate wafer biscuits as a goodbye present. Hehe.

Baked vanilla cupcakes with peanut butter and nutella filling (my favorite combination in the entire world) with white chocolate frosting with #1homegirl.  I attempted to teach her basic salsa steps after our bake-off and I am proud to say I was successful *fist pump*


So profesh


Also very profesh, no?

Adios chums. Til I blog again. In the meantime, the annual haze that hits Singapore is back thanks to forest fires in neighboring Indonesia and the air is now smelling more acrid by the day. Plus, let me now start panicking about my social comms test on Thursday by going to bed and sleeping it off. 


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