I haven’t had the energy to update this blog in a while. School stuff otherwise, there are one or two other things in my life I’m attempting to deal and get over with. Challenges like the ones I’m dealing with at the moment make me marvel at the resilience and the strength of the human heart and mind. We’ve been through so much, we want to give up, but somehow, we manage to scrape the pieces of our life together and put ourselves back. We’re not who we once were and the next challenge is to try and heal and figure out who we are and how to move in this world in our new self.

And maybe we won’t ever be the same again. And maybe that’s also what makes us beautiful. Maybe with each challenge, each failure, each fall, each fallen tear, each broken heart, we become more beautiful. And perhaps the same can be said for our perceived flaws. Our “flaws” are what make us different from the other. Therefore, this “flaw” also makes us beautiful in another way. Maybe this is evidence that beauty isn’t just reflected in our looks, but is also reflected in what the human heart, body and soul has been through. When our eyes see too much perfection, eventually, perfection itself will fail to astonish.

I don’t know whether I’m using this noun right, but I’d like to think that I’m currently in a state of kintsukuroi.

(P.S. hi to anyone who’s reading this)


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