late update…oops

HEY. Wow I know its been super long since I last posted anything on this blog. I had wanted to write a piece regarding building positive body image, but I’ve been railroaded by the start of school and other stuff that is keeping me busy. Or rather, keeping me busy because I’ve been such a complete slacker and kept pushing them to the last minute. Oops. 

School’s started 2 weeks ago and I have to say I’ve not been very excited about it. I feel like I’m at that point where I’ve reached a plateau on the “enthusiasm for going to school” graph. I like learning, but I hate studying. Learning’s great. I like learning new things, but when I’m forced to sit down and memorize so much things because I’m being tested on it, its like Satan came swooping down on me just sucked my joy right out my heart. 



Anyway, other than that, I also submitted my essay for the Marginalized Voices Project, a joint collaboration between the National Eating Disorders Association and Melissa Fabello ( She’s a sex educator, feminist and also specializes in body image. The project aims to gather stories from individuals suffering/who suffered from an eating disorders so as to raise awareness about eating disorders and quell stereotypes about it. The deadline was on the 15th of August, and obviously I stayed up on the 14th to write it. Way to go, Serene. I think my recovery from my eating disorder is slowly turning me into a slacker. What happened? I used to be such a good kid, submitting my assignments days before the deadline. Now I kill my brain cells by doing last minute work. Or maybe its just part of growing up. 

I’ve a few other commitments going on as well: transcribing interviews for a professor (yawn yawn yawn but hey I need the money so shut it Serene and suck it up), submitting abstracts (oh man I’ve got to do it, like right now), writing another piece about eating disorders for another project, preparing for a virtual conference next month (oh god) and also school work in general (whoop-dee-doo) 

I’ll continue working on that body image piece I had intended to post here and hopefully get it up here soon. I have a draft okay. Its already got like 5 sentences. I just need to gather lots of emotional excesses and then crank it out all in 1 shot. 

In the meantime, I might also post the essay I wrote for the Marginalized Voices Project for anyone here to read.

Might. We’ll see. 

In another meantime.

Look at all my new gorgeous studs I accumulated this month 😀

Earrings, that is.

photo 3photo 2-2



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