city problems

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I came across this picture I took on my phone last year whilst in Buffalo, NY on my exchange program last. I think living in the city and having to deal with ridiculously annoying masses of humanity on a daily basis is starting the irk the hell out of me. Before I went to Buffalo I thrived on being a city girl. I loved the bustling crowds and I naturally pick up the pace of people around me. But after living in the suburbs for almost 4 months and living in a place that’s so very different from SIngapore, I’m starting to miss it. The peace. The quiet. The slower pace of life. No one rushing around to do anything. My friend, J, would walk me with me our lesson and in the beginning I’d be like 2 steps ahead of him and he’d be all “SERENE SLOW DOWN”, to which I’d always say “WALK FASTER”. Or sometimes we’d be walking around the campus waiting for classes to start and I’d go “So where are we walking to?” and he’d just go “Wherever our feet take us”. It was a strange idea for me. Being a city girl, I always have a destination in mind. I don’t walk to walk. I walk to get somewhere, thanks. But gradually I began to like it. I like not having to go on a mad rush and I enjoyed slowing down. I enjoyed sitting on the benches opposite the lake and reading a book as the sun set. I enjoyed walking down the roads and hearing the crunch of the leaves against my boot. I enjoyed the peace and tranquility. Sometimes in the evenings on the way back from class and I’d stare up at the open sky to look at a view like that you see in the picture. (Serene enjoyed the serene scenery. Get it? HAHA oh god shut up Serene). 

On days like those I’d just stand in the pathway and obnoxiously block the poor students around me (oops) and just soak everything up. Just seeing the colors of the sunset spreading across the sky made me feel at ease. Now as I look at this picture I suddenly realized that ever since coming back to Singapore, I have not once stared up at sky and look at one that’s not been broken by the tops of tall buildings. I mean when was the last time I looked up to an unobstructed view of the sky and saw big giant fluffy marshmallow clouds like the ones above and spent half an hour doing nothing but staring up in awe like a child who just realized Father Christmas actually does exist but can’t believe her eyes?

HOW DON’T I HAVE ALL THIS IN SINGAPORE? Its getting too crowded and hot and expensive here (hello we are the 4th most expensive city – since when did Singapore become more expensive to live in than the UK?!)

Maybe I need to leave this city pronto and go on a sabbatical.

Problems aside: I got decided to get new frames a couple of weeks back and I splurged on coral earrings today at the mall.

photo 2 photo 3-2


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