Sorry? Don’t be sorry – be empowered

“Sorry to bother but can I…”

“Sorry for asking this silly question but…”
“Sorry can I trouble you…”
“Sorry could you help…”
“Sorry for the delay…”

Ladies – yes, saying sorry is an unabashedly female thing to say when we feel like we’re inconveniencing others or saying the wrong things, but why must you issue meaningless and superfluous apologies to others for such inconsequential, everyday things without a reason? What’s there to be sorry about asking a question? What’s there to be sorry about someone to help you with a task? What’s there to be sorry about getting what you need?

This ad by Pantene has got it right. Stop this ritual. Remove this space-filler, say and do what you want without fearing that you will offend anybody. Being a woman isn’t about trying to get others to like you or see you as more friendly and polite. Being a woman is about getting your words across with confidence and unapologetically having no fear about being herself in front of others. Saying sorry too often disempowers you. Stand up strong. Be empowered and stay empowered!

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