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I cannot count the number of times I’ve told myself how much I really really really need to actually sit at my desk and really set up a blog to document all my thoughts and opinions about women’s issues around the world. Only I never really got round to it, because choosing blog themes is like shopping. It takes ages to find one you like and after hours and hours of browsing, I’m just knackered and end up leaving to watch reruns of Sex and the City.

But after weeks of scouring through the different themes, agonizing over a blog title and how to go about making this blog look decent, I can finally say I’ve succeeded in my efforts.

The main reason why I wanted to set up a blog about women’s issues is simply because its something I have an internal passion for. I read articles and books about how women are exploited in so many ways and my heart burns with rage. I’ve also personally experienced a bout of eating disorder that wrecked havoc on my life for 6 years that made me want to further understand the objectification of women in the media, and how women become pressed into thinking that thin is beautiful.

So here I am, with nothing to offer but my posts about the various issues I can only hope to raise in a succinct fashion by putting up a post once a week to help spread awareness about how women in other parts of the world are burned at the stakes, sold at auctions, beaten by their partners and starve themselves to obtain a scarily false beauty. I can’t promise overtly fancy, over-the-top posts given my utter inability to read HTML, but I’ll do my best to make my posts sound interesting!

Leave comments on what you hope to get out of this blog and/or read more about and/or the things you want to see on this blog in terms of pictures, videos, book reviews!



2 thoughts on “hello this girl is…

  1. Hello Infamous Lipstick –

    I NEVER do this but I just thought I had to leave a comment.

    I know that your own thoughts are you’re reality – as my thoughts are my reality.

    And my reality is that I see your blog, with all your thoughts and pictures, and I think this is a smart, sensitive, beautiful young lady! With all due respect, you are gorgeous! And I know that there are millions of men (and likely a lot of women too!) who would have that same opinion. I read where you hate your calves…at first I thought did I read that right? Because you have a great legs! I think your calves, your legs, you – are beautiful and extremely attractive. That’s what I think, that’s my reality. And I bet a lot of other people’s too.

    I think you know that there’s not just one kind of beautiful – there are all kinds of beautiful. From what I can tell on your site, you’ve been blessed with your own kind of beauty.

    I hope this gives you some perspective about what others see and think, and helps give you some perspective about yourself. I hope this helps you appreciate yourself, and all you have going for you.

    • Hello! Thank you for your wonderful message! It came at a wonderful time and reading it today has definitely brightened my day 🙂 I’m definitely learning that my reality can sometimes be very unhealthilty distorted and I’m working everyday to embrace my body and my looks and just show the world the real me. And yes you’re so right – there all ALL kinds of beauty and I’m not a beauty queen but I’m just beautiful me in my own way 🙂 Hugs babe ❤ ❤ Thank you for your message of love, hope and support. Means a lot to me 🙂

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